1. How does this work? It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3. So we’ll start at 1.First you need to find where you want to mount your device. This will give you a good idea of the mounting attachment you will need. 2. Some mounts (like the Clamp mount or Fork Stem mount) need an adaptor to mount your phone on or if you want a different adaptor for your Action Camera with a flat surface and so on. Some mounts don’t need one and have an adaptor for your device on it. 3. Choose a case or holder for your phone, tablet, etc.. That’s it you’re done.

  2. Where does Ultimate Addons come from? Ultimate Addons is a brand from the U.K. Red Pig Technologies are the sole import distributor for Southern Africa. Dealer enquiries are welcome.
  3. How does Ultimate Addons work? Simple. Find a mount best suited for your application. Some have adaptors and some don’t. If you need an adaptor for your choice of mount add it to your cart. Then pick a holder or case that best suits your needs. All done. It’s nice to have your device on your bike/car/scooter but if it runs flat that’s no good. So don’t forget to add a charger.
  4. Is the dedicated holder going to hold my phone for sure? The Red Pig Team uses these cases on a day to day basis. Simple and easy to pop your phone in and out. Easy to clean, hard to break. I have personally tested it with my Galaxy S2 and S4 at over 200km/h on a naked superbike. NO PROBLEM.  What about on an adventure bike. Sure no problem, if you’re going down to your average farm or back road. If you’re doing the heavy stuff, we suggest a simple elastic band over the top just for your piece of mind.
  5. Do I need somebody to install it? No. It’s super easy and only very basic tools are needed.
  6. Are the Tough cases waterproof? Yes and No. They are waterproof in the fact that if you dropped your phone in a puddle of water or got caught in the rain or even went and had some fun in the mud it would come out fine. You can’t, however, go swimming with it. This is because when the phone gets into deeper water the pressure of the water would force water into the case. It wasn’t made for scuba diving unfortunately.
  7. What are PU suction mounts? The PU mount is a SUPER sticky mount made to put on a wide range of surfaces from tiles to counter tops to glass. For the guys that do more extreme things in their cars like drifting and racing. Let’s just say it sticks like Pooh to a blanket.  Your phone or camera is going nowhere. Unlike most other mounts.
  8. What’s the BEST GPS? What’s the BEST Camera? What’s the BEST music player? What’s the BEST lap timer? What’s the BEST whatever. And the answer is simple. The one you have on you. You can have the best of whatever you want but if it’s not there when you need it, then it’s useless. Your smart device is in most cases what you have on you. So why not use it to its full potential, where ever you go and whatever you do? 
  9. Why would I want my phone on my Super Bike / Sports Bike / Bicycle? Your phone is much more than just a device to make and receive phone calls. It has more sensors in it than the first space shuttle. Using apps like www.mytrackmaster.com you can get much more out of your bike. From lap times to lean angles. Test different setups and record them. On your bicycle you can view your speed and inclines plus so much more.
  10. Can I use the same case/holder on different mounts? Yes most certainly. This is what makes Ultimate Addons different from other brands. You can go from your car to your bike to your golf bag.
  11. Why do we only do cases and holders for certain phones and not others? Well the world of technology is ever changing and to try and stock every case for every model of phone would just make for a lot of waste. This in turn makes the prices higher. We prefer to concentrate on the mainstream high end devices, that way we keep the prices as low as we can and our clients happy.


If you have any questions please give us a call (0834313444) or drop us a mail (info@redpigtech.co.za) and we will gladly help.